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The beehive is building itself step by step, you are more and more to trust our skills.

Among you :

  • Créa’tools, 3D printing and laser cutting, Caen
  • Town of Saint-Lô
  • La Tangomanie, argentinean tango club, Saint-Lô
  •, online farming game, Cherbourg
  • Convention Twist EU, convention for amateur video markers and stramers, Rennes
  • Convention Dessine moi un je, convention for videogames creators and story designers, amateurs or professionals, Lunéville
  • Cinémaction, collective of audiovisual creation and screening, Falaise

Victim of its own success, needed a complete website reworking, and Bee’Com was here since the begining to help us to set everything up. We still work with them, particularly concerning web redaction and referencing.

– Alan Courciere, creator

A team at the top, attentive and with an abundant good mood. The convention promotion for its first year was a true success with almost 400 tickets sold. Thanks again for their perfectionism and for their additional time, used to polish our requests.

We’ll see again for next year, in 2020 !

– Alice Tasro, organization manager at the Dessine moi un je convention

After a bad experience with a communication agency last year, I chose to give a chance to this small and new local agency. No regrets. As a clumsy person when it comes about handle my words, they had the patience to guide me and to untangle my ideas, for, in the end, realize them with a quill, a paint brush and some perfect code lines. The team members are really warm and cheerful, it was very enjoyable to work by their side. Twist EU wouldn’t have been the same without you.

– Sammy Drew, organization manager and streamer at the Twist EU convention

Bee’Com was a key-element during the emphasis of my business opening. Even if they’re not many, the members of this crack team will bend in four, even eight to satisfy the ideas you carry and follow you during the whole creation process. Patients, creatives and talentful, you can be sure I will give them another call.

– Max Larchet, director of the Créa’tools society