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Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy represents a market study, to promote a product in the better way. The goal here is to analyse your request and, thinking about the competition, the scale of the request, to determine and do actions which will make your product or event famous. The marketing strategy will have an huge impact on your product and your turnover.

The marketing strategy is the first step for the achievement of your project. We communicate knowing your public, your offer but also the demand you except. Our members will be on your sides to set up the strategy which will connect the demand and the offer.

Graphic design

Graphic design is an important part of communication. According to the chosen marketing strategy, some graphic productions can touch the target public. Our skills in computer graphic and design will allow us to make unique productions made for you.

We can make for you :

Posters, for printing or not
Graphic charter and identity of your website

In computer graphic and design, our members are full of creativity. A graphic identity to set up? Posters to make ? Let us make your ideas come true.

Creation by computing

Nowadays, in our connected society, the digital communication is a must-have. A website, promoting your image or your products allow you to reach a huge public, and possibly the world.

Here, in Bee’com, we can create your website, corresponding to your needs and your will.

« Business card » website
Showcase website
Mobile website
Custom-made website

Any need in digital communication ? Our team can take care of the creation of your website. E-communication is a brand new advantage of modern connected society, so, why miss it?


In the case of your need in communication would need a website, SEO would be a required step. This action will consist in the referencing of your website, and its visibility in serach engines, such as Yahoo, Google or Bing.

SEO, set up after a precise study of search engines results, will allow your website to appear higher in the results, compared to the competition.

Community Management

To play with exclusive content, on live, tthat’s the goal of the community manger. It’s a very popular way of communication for companies, used by big brands and small businesses. Communication through social medias is one of the most effective in our connected society. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat are numerous of way to stay in touche with your customer, and your potentiel customers. Reactivity et adjustement are two essentiel points in community management.

E-communication, it’s also choose and manage the different social medias . Let us help you to set up your digital reputation thanks to our skills in community management.